The Ease and Availability of Online Education, Along With a Warning

A little bit of backstory, I am a man in my late twenties who has recently had a revelation: I hate my job. With that in mind I focused myself on picking a new direction to take my life and it came down to that childhood dream: I want to be a police officer, easier said than done. Gone are the days of showing up at the station and signing up, today the field of policing is extremely competitive and only a handful of the very best candidates are taken from a list of thousands of qualified applicants, and I am not one of them. It became clear to me that I had to compete in terms of education and that I had a long way to go. But as a man with a mortgage and a full time job to pay said mortgage the option to drop everything and attend university simply did not exist for me. After spending some time disappointed and searching for alternatives I was shown the wide world of distance education!

There are many options out there and students must be very careful to pick properly accredited institutions. I made the choice to settle for only the best names in education in Ontario, schools that recruiters have heard of. It was so easy to sign up and fairly straightforward to use however I made one very serious mistake, I bit off more than I could chew. Within the span of several months, excited about my education and my future I raced to engage myself in as many programs as I felt would be applicable to my future career. Finally once they started reality hit me like a brick wall, I was in four major programs including: Addiction Studies at McMaster University, Public Relations at the University of Toronto, Criminal Psychology at Niagara College and Child and Youth Development at Fleming College along with working full time and keeping up with all of life’s little curve balls and I realized: I am drowning. It was so easy to sign up and I got so carried away that I ran in head first only to find that I could not keep up with the workloads. So I say this as a warning to all others considering additional online programs: slow and steady wins the race, because I certainly am not.


Why Pumpkin Spice Season is Hurting Your Diet

Fall is in the air for however limited amount of time we have been granted before the snow flies and it is that time of year where everything becomes pumpkin flavoured again, and who can resist? These drinks are delicious but they do come at a cost. Anyone who is serious about maintaining a healthy diet knows to avoid overly sugary soft drinks and greasy fast food, so why does this mindset not carry over to sugar infused coffee creations? Here are a list of overly indulgent drinks as compared to the standard unit of measurement for excess calories: the Tim Hortons doughnut, coming in at an average of 300 calories.


Our first offender is the venti Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino from Starbucks, coming in at just over one and a half doughnuts (480 calories) this tasty treat features whole milk and as much syrup as you can stomach.

double choc

Next up is the Double Choclotaly Chip Frappuccino Blended Cream, once again from Starbucks and really the name says everything you needed to hear to know there is no possible way that it is going to be any kind of good for you. At 520 calories in venti format this drink will hit you with 69 grams of sugar all at once, yum!


Third we have my main focus, Starbucks original Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. 550 calories and a whopping 92 grams of sugar in venti format, it is basically diabetes in drink format and a large part of the origin of the pumpkin spice craze.


It is worth noting that Tim Hortons take on pumpkin this year is the Pumpkin Pie Latte which in a large comes to only one doughnut (310 calories), a significant decrease from it’s competitor although still not great.


Save the best for last? Here it is: Starbucks Iced Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, this monster comes in at two full doughnuts (600 calories) and 99 grams of sugar. Drink at your own peril!

P.M. Harper (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Election)


Can you tell I’ve lost faith? Here is my confession to all of you: I used to be a Conservative. Terrible I know, I want to make it clear from the get go that I never aligned myself with the religiously motivated aspects of the party such as the suppression of LGBT rights but rather I saw them as a “safe” choice for economic stability and a sure bet not to tax me any harder than is already occurring. However at this point enough is enough and if I have to hear another advertisement about Justin Trudeau’s hair I may just tear mine out. PM Harper has managed to become so universally hated in this country for the way in which he has conducted himself and his government that it is no longer a matter of people voting for the Liberals or the NDP but rather they are voting against the Conservatives simply to see them out, how sad is that? That we have been reduced as a society to choosing the “least terrible” option? Because as I stated previously, I am not a fan of paying even more in tax to support “big government” initiatives, but what choice do I really have at this point? I have already sworn to never vote Liberal again at the federal or provincial level (the words “gas plants” still makes me angry to this day) so I guess we are down to the final straw. Bring on the orange crush.